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Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

So, that's the question. Already the blog has some critics and I've received a bit of "heat." The issue is being an active duty officer while advocating some controversial beliefs (as if just being Christian isn't enough). So, a little over three weeks writing now and with nearly 1400 hits, I'm not sure what to do. There seems to be some interest and desire for someone to be talking (on the internet) about how to lead as a Christian in the military. I haven't seen anyone else writing about this kind of stuff that is currently serving. There may be some retired folks involved in military ministries writing about these important areas - but, they're safe. There is an inherent danger anytime you put yourself out there and let people know what's going on in your mind. I'm not risk adverse, but I want to be smart about this. I do write anonymously to create some shroud of safety, but that can only last so long. Enough research will ensure people know that I am the author of this site. Religion, particularly in the military, lights a fire like few things can. So, I'm asking for a simple vote. If you read this blog, benefit from it, and think it should stay up let me know and tell me why.


  1. Keep blogging! I love reading your blogs

  2. From my perspective, I don't think the issue is about being on active duty and advocating controversial beliefs. (After all, that's what I do.) Instead, as Christians who are military leaders, we must realize that others will look to our example and direction, including in the words we use on the internet. The issue, then, is "Will an ensign (or lieutenant) understand what I'm saying and make an appropriate choice?"

    For example, when I take on a specific "controversial issue" at my site, I take pains to include the institutional (military) perspective. That is, if there are regulations that apply, I explain what they are and how they do so. Even if not, I make an effort to be very explicit. My intent--and I am guessing yours as well--is to provide practical, applicable information for living a Christian life in the military. If we use language that's too grandiose or abstract (or Christian-ese), we run the risk of not being understood--or worse, being misunderstood.

    Sometimes it might be helpful to get another perspective from a military Christian (perhaps an offline one, as well). Understanding your desire for anonymity, I don't see your contact info, so if you'd like, shoot me an email. Mine's on the contact page of my main site,

    Blogging on this topic is a good thing. I would just recommend that you write so as to leave little room for ambiguity on either your "recommendation" or the implications of that choice from both a theological and "institutional" perspective.

  3. As a civilian USNI member, Civil Air Patrol officer, and fellow believer, I enjoy reading your blog. If I were a young Christian JO on my first cruise, your blog is *exactly* the sort of encouragement I would be looking for.