Monday, May 2, 2011

Sin In Strengths

I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips . . .
~The Prophet Isaiah

Recognizing that the greatest instrument I have as a leader is communication (verbal, written, non-verbal) and with a desire to see this tool refined, I have been working through an excellent book on the topic entitled, "The Power of Words and the Wonder of God." There are so, so many profound statements that smack me in the heart each morning as I ponder a piece contained in this compilation that I am inclined to post them as a reminder for me later and a way to close my learning loop (it helps me to write it down). So, over the next week or so I'll share some of wisdom written by these able authors and trust that it will edify and serve you as much as it has me.

". . . it is in the very instrument God has called me to use, in the very area of my life in which others call me 'gifted,' that sin has most deeply entangled itself. We foolishly assume that our real struggles with sin are in the areas we are 'weak.' We do not well understand the depth of sin until we realize that it has made its home far more subtly where we are 'strong.' and in our gifts rather than in our weaknesses and inadequacies. It is in the very giftedness God has given that sin has been at its most perverse and subtle! But when we are brought to see this, stripped bare of our layers of self-deceit, and led to repentance, then God may make something of us."
~ Sinclair B. Ferguson