Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leadership For Human Flourishing

This new model declares that as leaders we should be about redeeming the people we lead. Not redeeming in the sense of salvation; but we should be exchanging our lives to serve those we lead and in so doing bring people from what they are to what they could be (really what they were originally designed for). A Redemptive Leader will not merely look at his followers and see them as they are, but will perceive them with a vision for fulfilling their maximum potential under their leadership. Functionally, this means that we foster great working conditions, we ensure they have all they need to be successful in their jobs, we assist them in advancing in career milestones (increase in rank or qualifications), and we care about their families - truly loving them holistically, throughout the spectrum of the areas of their lives. In serving we will be redeeming the spheres of influence which God has appointed us to. The framework of this transformation is relationship; all change occurs in the context of authentic relationships. The communal aspect of Redemptive Leadership is foundational. The Redemptive Leadership model stems from the application of Biblical and Kingdom theology to existing Servant Leadership models. It is redemptive because the leader exchanges themselves for their followers. Furthermore, it is redemptive because of the exchange that is evoked in both participants as the sanctification process tears away the shackles of sin that have enamored them from living out the function for which they were formed. Do you see the transcendence inherent in this greater vision of leadership? You have not been commissioned to accomplish tasks, but to engage this broken world for Christ in existential relationships that will powerfully prosper your subordinates in the Name of Christ and for His glory. As Redemptive Leaders we should wholly strive for the flourishing of our subordinates, peers, and even seniors; and in so doing restore a fallen world to the prosperity of relationship intended prior to the Fall. Serve with agenda as Christ did and in faith, by His grace, your work will lead to many that are lost and broken being restored to the Redeemer.

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