Friday, December 18, 2009

The Modern Roman Road

The current issue of Covenant magazine had an interesting article. Dr. Chapell wrote:

"First-century Christians had a temendous challenge before them as they attempted to respond to Jesus' Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). Taking the gospel from Jerusalem to all nations would have seemed a daunting task for this small group of ragtag disciples. And yet the Lord provided both the means (in the form of an extensive system of Roman roads that made travel throughout the empire easy and safe) and the power (in the form of his indwelling Spirit) for them to do as he commanded. The result was an amazing transformation not only of many individual lives but of the world as well."

It's interesting how the Lord uses the developments of advanced civilizations to spread the gospel. I believe that the internet is the modern Roman Road. Taking the gospel to all of the military society seems a daunting task for this ragtag disciple. Yet, we serve the Lord who is more than able. He has a vested interest in seeing the Name of His Son disperse and be glorified. I believe that through the use of the modern Roman Road (such as this blog) an amazing transformation not only of many individual lives, but of the entire military society will result. In the coming days I am going to talk more about the use of this blog and other social network technology to induce change in the minds of leaders that will result in the exponential effect of transformation in the spheres they influence. If you are such a leader interested in seeing your area of responsibility be impacted for Christ hit this site daily and tell others about it. Quantity can have a quality all its own ;-)

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