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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leadership Litmus Test

As I was in church this past Easter Sunday I wondered how many people were there for the first time since Christmas or for the first time since last Easter. My mind quickly flashed with excitement to the hope that I would see one of my Sailors visiting the church. Then I pondered and aspired anew to this simple test for Christian leadership in the workplace:

How now shall I lead that should I be surprised to meet one of my subordinates at church they would not be surprised to see me there as well? To put it another way; would one of my Sailors, Chiefs, Division Officers, or Senior Officers see a disparity between who I am on the ship and who they expect to find at church? Would there be Christ-shaming hypocrisy found in the way that I lead those I am entrusted to care for?

My prayer is that by grace the gap would be minimal between who I am inside the lifelines and who I am outside them - that there would be true and evident integrity of character in all facets of my life - and that it would bring greater glory to the Lord as a result.