Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leadership Manifesto

The "Leadership Manifesto" by George Ambler has many points worth noting, pondering, remembering, and applying. Here they are:

  1. Leaders shape the future. Leaders bring change and leaders challenge the status quo. If there is no need for change, there is no need for leadership.
  2. Leadership is a choice. Leadership does not just happen. Leadership is a choice we make to live our vision and purpose daily.
  3. Leaders are made and not born. Leaders know who they are, understand their unique purpose, strengths and skills. They use who they are to bring their vision into the present.
  4. Leaders live their vision. They become the change that they want to see in the world. They set the example and show the way.
  5. Leaders incite conversation. Leadership is about making a difference and driving change which stimulates conversation and debate. The ideas that get talked about are the ones worth talking about.
  6. Leaders understand that character matters. Character establishes the foundation for trust. Without trust you cannot lead.
  7. Leaders invest in themselves. Leaders take care of their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs.
  8. Leaders are results focused. Leaders initiate and make things happen.
  9. Leaders inspire. Leaders cannot achieve their visions alone. They inspire others to come alongside and participate in the journey.
  10. Leaders leave a legacy. Success is what we do for ourselves whilst legacy is what we do for other. A leaders legacy is what they do for other and how they have invested in and developed others.

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