Monday, June 28, 2010

The Authentic Witness of the Officer Christian (Pt 1)

This will begin a series in which I share one of the best short articles on military Christian wsitnessing I have read. There is great wisdom contained in it by a godly man, named Dr. Don Snider. Let me know your thoughts.

The Authentic Witness of the Officer Christian
By Don M. Snider, PhD

It is simply not the case that, in an environment of persistent cultural wars as exists in America, every well-intentioned attempt to witness to your faith as an Officer Christian will be successful or even well received. There are real, substantive challenges to be overcome if you are to be so well integrated in your personal approach to witness that the Kingdom is advanced while your professional standing is undiminished.

Thus, the Challenge:

Your challenge is to create an understanding and practice by which, as an Officer-Christian, you can meet the challenge of integrating authentically your witness as a Christian with your responsibilities under Oath as a strategic leader within one of America’s military professions.

Mastering the Context (Bennis, On Becoming a Leader)
· Dual callings, God and Country
· Compartmentalization of roles prohibited Biblically; your faith is to be, and will be, known by all
· Officer-Christians within military professions are free to witness appropriately to their faith
· Ethics of the dual callings are mostly compatible, even reinforcing
· Increased secularization in America, including within the military; even some overt hostility toward Officer Christians from secularists, legalists, and atheists as part of the ongoing cultural wars

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