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Sunday, May 2, 2010

War & The Human Condition

Thought-provoking post at a newly found blog. Lots of good stuff to peruse at Remnant Culture - check it out for yourself. Consider the question then post your comments - I'm interested to hear from a few of my readers (it's been awhile).

Is War Inseparable from the Human Condition?

Last week military historian Victor Davis Hanson appeared on Uncommon Knowledge on National Review Online. Hanson discussed his new book The Father of Us All, and in the segment below claims that war is inseparable from the human condition.

Peter Robinson starts off by quoting Hanson next to his ideological opposite John Mueller. The quotes are as follows:

Hanson: “War seems to be inseparable from the human condition.” (from The Father of Us All)

Mueller: “War is merely an idea — an institution like dueling or slavery that has been grafted onto human existence…Unlike breathing, eating, or sex, war is not something that is somehow required by the human condition.” (from The Remnants of War)

Hanson’s argument rests, as he says, on empirical evidence. Even in mankind’s most peaceful and just societies we have always had war; therefore, we always will.

Do you agree or disagree?

Either way, what does this mean for the Remnant Culture? If war intrudes on individual liberty but is also inseparable from the human condition, how do we maximize the individual liberty of that human condition without promoting war?

What are your thoughts?

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