Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hour Glass Sanctification

There is an undeniable, direct link between the Truth of God (which is to say our understanding of It) and our actions. Often a time lag exists as the process works itself out (the theological term is "sanctification"). I think of it as kinda like an hour glass where the sand is poured through the top, eventually finding its way down. Similarly, Truth enters the mind impacting our thoughts, seeping down into our hearts (feelings, propensities, inclinations) before making it to our feet and hands - transformed into action. With time our actions will require less intentional thought as they become holy habits governed by the Word of God. Rom. 12:2, Phil. 2:12-13

Here is a great poem from Paul Tripp in his book "Whiter Than Snow" (highly recommended) that reflects on these ideas.

In The Holy of Holies

Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being. ~Psalm 51:6

In the holy of holies,
Where my deepest thought dwells.
In the secret place,
Of the heart,
Where no one sees,
And no one knows.
In that place where worship,
Sets the course,
For all I say,
And all I do.
In the holy of holies
Where thoughts,
Afraid to be verbal,
And desires,
Never quite spoken,
What I will seek,
And say,
And do.

In the holy of holies,
Where greed lurks dark,
And anger stands dangerous.
In the shadows,
Where lust captivates,
And envy enslaves.
In that sacred place,
Of the heart,
Where I plan what I will do,
And rehearse what I will say.

In the holy of holies,
Where love is born,
Or succumbs to hate.
Where gentleness,
Falls to vengeance.
In that place where,
Thinking never ends,
And interpretations,
Become a way of seeing.
In the holy of holies,
Where feelings grow in power,
And overwhelm,
What is sensible,
And true.
In the holy of holies,
Where I stand naked,
All covering gone,
Before You,
What I am,
As I am,
Void of defense,
Stripped of excuse.
Nowhere to hide,
No reputation to polish.
In the place where You,
Can see,
And hear,
And know.
May you do there,
What I cannot do.
May you create there,
What only mercy can give.
May you hold back,
What I deserve,
And give what,
I could never earn.
May you create in me,
A clean heart.

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