Sunday, November 29, 2009

Station the Anchor Watch!

so, i thought i'd begin a blog. my hope is for it to help me think through the things i'm doing daily in my professional and personal life to ensure they are appropriately oriented toward Christ. of course, i am blogging about my thoughts so that other like-minded individuals can read them and comment. possibly others are leaders in the military and looking for encouragement and a different perspective from a fellow Christian.

as i prepare to return to sea (i am a surface warfare officer) i want to be sure to stay "anchored" in the midst of an environment that is constantly acting on me. metaphorically, this blog is the anchor buoy, i am on the anchor watch, and my hope in Christ is the Anchor keeping me firm and secure. i want to monitor how i tend toward the Anchor to be sure to notice any indications of heavy strain as the environment becomes turbulent to prevent me from dragging anchor.

this will also serve as a journal of shipboard life of a naval officer as well as a place to share and discuss topics of interest to me such as: leadership, being a husband, fatherhood, theology, Scripture, military strategy, and books. this may serve as a sort of "one-stop-shop" for others with similar interest.

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